Assassin’s Tribute,  the second book of the Shinmahs series has been launched today.

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The Shinmahs

Mind Over Might

The Shinmah Series is a story of a small group of men and women with uncommon mental prowess (called Shinmahs), who come out of self-imposed exile to battle corruption and tyranny. What follows is an epic struggle that pitches an extraordinary few against the sheer might of entrenched powers.

The story describes the troubled journey of a young, budding Shinmah who tries to bring peace to his troubled land. Despite his propensity to shun violence, he gets drawn into a series of unsolicited confrontations that eventually make the conflict personal for him.

Accompanied by a monk and three other extraordinary youngsters, he journeys through a land riddled with corruption, and encounters beings both wondrous and terrible, as the stakes of conflict rise inexorably with each success. They use their remarkable mental abilities to battle treachery, sorcery and prodigious physical prowess, and turn the tide of events.